ATN OTS LT 320 Thermal Monocular - 4-8X Price in UAE


Model: TIMNOLT335X

Sku: 4LG2J87FTX

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Availability: Out of stock

  • Sensor: 320x240 px/12 μm 60 Hz
  • Magnificatio: 4-8X
  • Field of view, degree: 6.3x4.7
  • Cor: ATN Obsidian Core LT
  • Micro displa: 1280x960 HD Display
  • Eye relie: 25 mm
  • IP ratin: Weather resistant
  • Chargin: USB, type C
  • Color mode: White Hot / Black Hot
  • Battery life (Li-ion: 9+ hrs
  • Operating Temperature: 20°F to +120°F / -28°C to 48°C
  • Human Detection Rang: 1510
  • Human Recognition Rang: 680
  • Human Identification Rang: 340
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Using our new Obsidian LT Core and Cutting-Edge sensors for sharp crisp images and extended range.


Digital handheld thermal monocular with over 10+ hrs of continuous use


Light weight and Ergonomic — this is one tool you'll want at all times!

ATN Extended Life Battery Kit

Don't let yourself be stuck without a functioning unit, because you didn't bring extra batteries to power your device. ATN Extended Life Battery kit can support your binoculars or monoculars for up to 15 hrs. You can use your devices longer and save money and the environment in the process. Enjoy your activities all day long - whether scouting, camping, bird watching, or surveillance. You can even power your none ATN devices, which are compatible with a micro USB. Designed to be used with the ATN line of Smart HD Optics: BinoX-HD, OTS-HD, and BinoX-THD

In the Box

  • ATN OTS LT 320 Thermal Monocular
  • 10,000 mAh Battery Pack
  • USB to Micro USB w/ L Shape Connector
  • Neck strap with battery holder