Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

"You" means any individual accessing and carrying out any activity e.g. browsing, purchasing, entering data etc.

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We take data protection very seriously. Customers’ private data including name, address, mobile number is used by us only in the manner described in this Privacy Policy. The collection of customers’ data is done for the purpose of serving them more efficiently. It must be noted that only the most relevant customer data is collected by us for this purpose. This information is stored for a duration which we either legally permitted for or for purposes it is inevitable to do so.

Site navigation can be done by the customer without entering any information that is of a personal nature. When an individual visits, he/she remains anonymous and is only identifiable in the event of him/her creating an account and logging in to the website with it.

You may at any time request here to delete your account and personal data from our site that was collected by us.

Data that we collect

For making a purchase on, the customer is required to provide information that is eventually added to our records. This data aids in various activities e.g. processing of your order, keeping you updated on the delivery of your order, addressing any possible requests related to your claims in the future and providing you a personalized experience as our valued customer. The information typically required while placing an order includes customer’s title, name, email address, telephone number, residential address, gender, fax number, delivery address, payment details, bank account details and credit card details. Please note that UAE does not store or access your credit card information.

The data shared by you is also used for quality assurance purposes, identifying unlawful or fraudulent activity on our website, detecting site abuse, sending you useful information based on your usage pattern and collection of payments against orders placed by you. Payments made by customers are processed by UAE, a registered company holding a legal status.

It must be noted that there is normally a third party handling the process involving delivery of your orders. We may share certain information related to you such as your name, postal address and phone number with the third party so as to ship your items to you in an expeditious manner.

In addition to the above, we may share your information with authorized franchisers who may later sell you products on a direct or indirect basis.

Any information submitted by you on our website is assumed to be correct. You are strongly advised to refrain from sharing incorrect information. In case there is any change in your existing personal information e.g. your address, you are required to inform us as soon as possible so that your account is kept up-to-date.

Details of all previous, existing and pending orders in cart placed by a customer are stored in his/her account which can be viewed by logging in to the account. By accessing our website, you agree to maintain the confidentiality of your personal data and prevent any unauthorized access. UAE will not be responsible for unlawful use of your account details unless we are legally proven guilty of granting unauthorized access.

Until we receive a go-ahead from you, none of your personal information is shared with third parties. We only sell or rent your information if we have your categorical consent.

Please be reminded that we lay special emphasis on the safety and confidentiality of your private information and have state-of-the-art servers to ensure protection of customer data. These servers are located in Pakistan and are under constant surveillance for security purposes. Third parties frequently review, scrutinize and verify our privacy principals in order to guarantee you fool-proof security. If you have any apprehensions regarding data usage, transfer or protection, please stop using this website immediately.

Your private information is never rented or traded with other organizations unless you provide explicit consent. Having said that, in case of a legal-complaint request, we are bound to release your information to a third party.

Fraud Prevention for Credit

Authorized and standard services for payment are used for UAE. Our policies are aligned with the policies linked to these services.

Use of Personal Information

Personal details that are submitted by a customer may be used for research or statistical evaluation. The information you provide as part of surveys or interviews is never shared with a third party. If it ever is, your approval will be taken first. UAE might use your personal information to inform you regarding latest promotions or sharing of our company e-newsletters via email. If you wish to stop receiving such emails, please use the “unsubscribe” option available in all promotional emails that we send you.


In case you are browsing through our website, you will not be required to accept cookies. However, you will only be able to complete the order process if you activate cookies. Cookies can be described as files that recognize you as a unique user, identify you browser and detect your IP address. They are stored as you visit various pages of the website. Cookies pave the way for a time effective system which means you only have to enter your username and password once and our website automatically recognizes you the next time you visit. Moreover, your search preferences are also remembered through cookies. It may be noted that cookies do not contain any personal details.


To prevent unauthorized access or any suspicious activity, UAE has top of the line security protocols. Through firewall protection, the security of the servers where your data is stored, is fortified. For processing your payments in a secured manner, our website uses 2checkout, a highly advanced electronic payment processing solution supported by effective encryption of Security Socket Layer (SSL) for processing of credit card payments. Please do not share your debit or credit card information over unencrypted or flawed means of communication. While processing your payment, we might ask for some identity proofs. This is part to prevent any security breach and we hope you will cooperate with us if you are requested to provide any relevant details.

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