Audio-Technica AT33PTG/2 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge Price in UAE

By: Audio-Technica

Model: AT33PTG/2


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  • Frequency Response: 15-50,000 Hz
  • Channel Separation: 30 dB (1 kHz)
  • Vertical Tracking Angle: 23°
  • Vertical Tracking Force: 1.8-2.2 g (2.0 g standard)
  • Recommended Load Impedance: More than 100 ohms (when head amplifier is connected)
  • Coil Impedance: 10 ohms (1 kHz)
  • DC Resistance: 10 ohms
  • Coil Inductance: 22 µH (1 kHz)
  • Output: 0.3 mV (at 1 kHz, 5 cm/sec)
  • Channel Balance: 0.5 dB (1 kHz)
  • Stylus Shape: Microlinear
  • Stylus TypeP: Nude square shank
  • Stylus Curvature Radius: 2.2 x 0.12 mil
  • Cantilever: Gold-plated nude tapered boron
  • Static Compliance: 40 x 10-6 cm/dyne
  • Dynamic Compliance: 10 x 10-6 cm/dyne (100 Hz)
  • Mount: Half-inch

The AT33PTG/II dual moving coil cartridge features a Microlinear stylus that, with its small curvature radius, delivers low-distortion, high-range performance, even when playing the inner circumference of a record. The Microlinear stylus, which has an average life span of around 1,000 hours, is mounted on a nude tapered boron cantilever with a double damper for reduced weight and better audio quality.

The cartridge’s two coils provide excellent channel separation and are affixed within a strong, lightweight mold made of hard resin to greatly reduce unwanted vibration. The cartridge uses a neodymium magnet and a permendur yoke for dramatically enhanced magnetic energy. The PCOCC (Pure Copper by Ohno Continuous Casting) coils ensure pure audio transmission.

In the Box

  • Audio-Technica AT33PTG/2 Dual Moving Coil Cartridge
  • Non-Magnetic Screw Driver
  • Brush
  • Set of Mounting Hardware (Screws, Washers, Nuts)
  • Plastic Protector
  • Set of PCOCC Lead Wires