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For most consumers, the technical specifications and features of the product come after the brand that product is associated with. Consumer electronics is a rapidly growing niche that has ballooned in the past few years, all thanks to the top brands continuously releasing state-of-the-art products that are more reliable, more practical smarter than ever before.

It is therefore no surprise that this industry is dominated by brands that primarily manufacture smartphones, desktops, laptops, TVs, home theatres and monitors.

If you are a brand-conscious consumer looking for products that will last you for years, here are the best electronics brands you can shop from at UAE:


Samsung is one of the most familiar brands, that you’d usually find at every online store. This brand works on developing the latest technology to manufacture world-class smart phones and home appliances.


Apple is one of the few companies in this niche to carve a new path towards advancement. The brand is quite popular for its user experience and innovative design. From MacBooks with the most cutting-edge features to iPads that are slimmer than a pen, our store has all the latest products listed by your favorite brand.


The innovation of the cameras by GoPro to capture the most happening adventures has transformed the experience of the consumers worldwide. The GoPro cameras have voice control, touch screen, video stabilization and can shoot in 4K. Moreover, they are water-resistant up to 33 feet.

The latest models offer exceptional features such as HDR capture and exposure control. If you are an active traveler, a GoPro camera can help you capture vibrant memories.


LG products are known for their amazing lifespan, responsive system and sleek design. All of the consumer electronics, such as monitors, TVs, desktops, computers, home appliances and audio equipment are intuitive to the user experience.


There’s absolutely no hard-and-fast rule to choose your products from the electronic brands mentioned above. If you have landed here with a specific brand in mind, scroll up and choose your winner!