Diamond Dryer Hand Dryer - Silver Price in UAE

By: Diamond Dryer

Model: HD-D380S


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Availability: Out of stock

  • Rated Voltage: AC 220-240 v
  • Frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Rated Power: 300 W
  • Standby Power: ≤ 0.5 W (satisfied by blueangel regulation)
  • Sensor Type: Auto infrrared touch free operation
  • Sensor Range: 45° 5-12 mm
  • Motor Type: "Brushless DC motor 300 Watts, Life time ≥ 5,000 H (1,500,00 operation times based on 12 sec drying time)"
  • Motor Speed: 24,500 RPM
  • Hand Drying Time: 10 - 12 seconds
  • Air Speed: 90 m/s (324 km/h)
  • Effective AIrflow: 123.16 m/h (72.45 CFM)
  • Light: Blue LED
  • Anti Theft Protection: 2 allen lock screws and lock with allen wrench
  • Internal Material: Heatproof PP fireproof 94VO
  • Internal Lead Wire: Temperature resistant 105°C
  • Protection Rating: IPX2
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Diamond dryer has a beautiful, modern anodised finish, recognised as high quality and desirable from its use on gadgets.


This hand dryer has the lowest power consumption possible without compromising on performance.


Despite of exceptional drying time, Diamond hand dryer uses much less power than traditional hot air hand driers.


The brushless motor at the heart of the Diamond Dryer makes it extremely durable. Brushless motors are also incredibly energy efficient, so hands are dried faster and cheaper. Another benefit of a brushless motor is there is less noise when in operation, which can be a problem with other high speed hand driers.


The only maintenance this hand dryer needs is a wipe with a soft cloth to keep it clean. There are no filters to change, motor brushes to replace or drip trays to empty. This hand dryer works, simply.

In the Box

  • Diamond Dryer Hand Dryer
  • Wall Mouting anchors
  • Flat cable clamp & Screw
  • Service Tool
  • Manual