GPS, Marine & Car Electronics products Price in UAE

From Dashboard to Dockside - Unveiling the Latest Navigation Tech

Embark on a delightful journey with GPS and navigation products, out-crossing your boundaries of exploration and precision. Use the vehicle GPS to get real-time traffic updates, guiding you through cityscapes. Conquer the skies with aviation GPS, where immaculate accuracy and airspace awareness blend seamlessly, ensuring safe and efficient journeys amidst the clouds.

GPS and Navigation

Bluetooth and GPS trackers become loyal companions, ensuring your prized possessions are never lost to the whims of fate. Delve into the realm of sports watches, where GPS functionality seamlessly melds with athletic prowess, empowering you to conquer new heights with every stride. Handheld GPS units and cycling GPS units embody rugged reliability, bestowing confidence as you blaze new trails.

Vehicle GPS

Imagine never getting lost again, no matter where your adventures take you. With a vehicle GPS unit by your side, navigating unfamiliar roads becomes a breeze. Whether you're a seasoned road trip enthusiast seeking hidden gems or a busy parent shuttling kids between soccer practice and piano lessons, vehicle GPS tracker ensures you'll reach your destination stress-free. From finding the nearest gas station during a long drive to discovering the perfect pit-stop diner along the way, these devices have got your back.

Bluetooth and GPS Trackers

Are you tired of losing your belongings during your exciting journeys? Bluetooth and GPS trackers are here to save the day! Imagine exploring a bustling marketplace in Dubai, when suddenly you misplace your wallet. Fear not! Bluetooth trackers, like the renowned Tile, can be attached to your valuables, allowing you to track them effortlessly using your smartphone.

But what about venturing into the unknown? GPS trackers, such as the reliable Garmin inReach Mini, provide peace of mind even in the most remote destinations. Trekking through dense forests or embarking on a desert safari becomes worry-free, as these trackers ensure your loved ones always know your precise location.

Handheld GPS Units

Imagine you're on a thrilling adventure, deep in the heart of a dense forest. Lost? Not a chance! Armed with a handheld GPS unit, you're like a modern-day explorer. With its pinpoint accuracy, you navigate treacherous terrain with ease. Whether it's geocaching for hidden treasures or tracking your fitness progress on a rugged mountain trail, this pocket-sized marvel ensures you're always in command of your own epic journey.

Cycling GPS Units

Cycling GPS units, the indispensable companions for amateurs and pros alike. For beginners, these techno-wonders guide through uncharted routes, ensuring you never lose your way. Meanwhile, for the seasoned warriors of the road, GPS units unleash a symphony of data—distance, speed, elevation and fine-tuning every pedal stroke, transforming the road into a captivating battlefield of precision and performance.

Marine Electronics

Start an exciting voyage across the majestic seas with the aid of marine electronics. These cutting-edge devices are the seafarer's ultimate allies, providing invaluable advantages for exploration. From high-tech GPS chartplotters that navigate uncharted waters to fish finders that unveil hidden marine wonders, these technological marvels illuminate the depths and empower adventurers with safety, accuracy and boundless discovery. Brace yourself for an extraordinary aquatic journey unlike any other!

Radar Systems

Ahoy, sea explorers and fishers! Imagine having a superpower that pierces through fog and darkness, revealing hidden wonders beneath the waves. Radar systems, like the trusty navigational sidekicks, provide just that. They guide seafarers through treacherous waters, allowing them to dodge unseen dangers. They even aid fishers by detecting fish schools, maximizing catches and transforming the hunt into an exhilarating adventure. Want a radar for land? Browse for rain radars in UAE and be prepared before going out every day!


Set sail on a thrilling voyage with marine autopilots, the masters of the high seas! These ingenious devices grant sailors the freedom to relinquish the wheel, while their trusty electronic companions steer a steady course. Picture yourself aboard a sleek yacht, effortlessly gliding through turbulent waters, as your autopilot expertly navigates treacherous shoals and keeps you on course towards your dream destination. Feel the exhilaration as you seize the true essence of sailing – the wind in your hair, the salt on your lips – while the autopilot tirelessly ensures your ship's safety, allowing you to revel in the sheer joy of the voyage.

Marine Two-Way Radios

Seas and oceans are where communication becomes a lifeline on the vast waves. These rugged devices unite seafarers in perilous situations, ensuring smooth coordination amidst roaring tempests. Picture a storm-tossed fishing vessel, its crew rallying together to overcome the chaos, thanks to these radios. Distress signals and navigational updates safeguard lives, transforming the sea into a symphony of survival.

Car Chargers and Accessories

Buckle up and get ready for a wild ride! Car chargers and accessories are the pit crew for your road adventures. Power inverters bring the electric dance to your devices, while jump starters give your car a superhero boost. Car cables and chargers keep your gadgets juiced up, while car speakerphones turn your vehicle into a concert hall on wheels. With car cradles and mounts, your phone becomes the ultimate copilot. Bluetooth car kits and adapters make hands-free communication a breeze. And last but not least, speed radars keep you in check, ensuring your speed demon days don't go too far. Get your gear on and hit the road with these turbocharged accessories!

Car Cables and Chargers

Car cables and chargers come in various types, each with its own set of unique features. Take, for instance, the Type 1 and Type 2 cables, perfectly suited for charging electric vehicles in residential areas. Meanwhile, the CHAdeMO and CCS cables excel in rapid charging, ideal for long road trips. Whether you're juicing up at home or embarking on an epic adventure, these cables and chargers are just what you need.

Bluetooth Car Kits and Adapters

Revolutionize your driving experience with Bluetooth car kits and adapters! Connect your smartphone or tablet wirelessly to your car's audio system and enjoy hands-free calls, stream your favorite tunes and even navigate with ease. These nifty gadgets transform your ride into a tech-savvy haven, keeping you entertained and connected on the road.

Car Speakerphones

Car speakerphones revolutionize the on-the-go communication experience. With crystal-clear audio and hands-free functionality, they ensure safe and convenient conversations while cruising the streets. Picture this: effortlessly accepting calls from your boss during rush hour, negotiating plans with friends while enroute to a concert or even dictating texts while navigating unfamiliar roads.