Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series Hair Removal Device - BRI958/00 Price in UAE

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Model: BRI958/00

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  • Integrated UV filter: Protects skin from UV light
  • 5 light energy settings: Adjustable to your skin type
  • Integrated safety system: Prevent unintentional flashing
  • Skin Tone sensor: Detects your skin tone
  • SmartSkin sensor: The right setting on demand
  • Slide and Flash: For quick application
  • Corded/cordless use: Both cordless and corded use
  • Stamp and Flash: For treatment on small areas
  • Body areas: Arms, Legs, Stomach
  • Face areas: Chin, Upper lip, Jawline
  • Sensitive areas: Underarms, Bikini
  • Power system: Rechargeable battery
  • Voltage: 100-240 V
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IPL technology for home use, developed with dermatologists

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. It's a technology that uses warm gentle light to put hair to sleep. Light travels to the hair's root causing the follicle to go into a resting phase and stimulating the hair to be released. Repeat treatments gradually prevent hair from growing back, leaving your skin beautifully hair-free and touchably smooth. Philips Lumea is developed with dermatologists and clinically tested to ensure easy, effective and comfortable treatments even on sensitive areas, all from the comfort of your own home.

Proven gentle and effective treatment

Objective studies show up to 92% hair reduction after three treatments. Carry out the first four treatments every two weeks and the next eight treatments every four weeks. After 12 treatments, you can enjoy six months of hair-free smooth skin.

SenseIQ technology for personalised hair removal

Senses. Lumea's SmartSkin sensor detects your skin tone and indicates the most comfortable light setting for you. Adapts. Intelligent attachments adapt programmes tailored for each body area. Cares. Co-developed with dermatologists and inspired by you for a gentle, long-lasting hair removal, even on sensitive areas

Intelligent attachments adapt programs for each body area

Your body is unique. And its skin, curves and contours should be treated uniquely too. Lumea’s total-body attachments are shaped to perfectly fit every curve, and will adapt programs tailored to each body area. Treatment windows are designed to maximize contact with your skin to ensure light doesn't escape, enabling effective and gentle treatments even on delicate or sensitive areas.

Underarm attachment with curved-out design

Specially designed to treat hard-to-reach underarm areas, the intelligent underarm attachment is medium-sized with a 3 cm2 window. When the attachment is clicked onto the device it adapts a tailored programme for your underarm area. 86% of women satisfied with hair reduction on underarms.

Bikini area attachment with extra light filter

Click on the intelligent bikini attachment and it will adapt a tailored programme specifically for that area. It has an optimal 3 cm2 window with a transparent filter for extra comfort and the curved design compliments your body's contours for maximum contact, efficiency and comfort. 78% of women satisfied with hair reduction in bikini area.

Body attachment with curved-in design

The intelligent body attachment has our largest treatment window: 4.1 cm2. So it's perfect for quickly treating larger body areas like the legs, arms and stomach. In fact, you can treat both lower legs in only 8.5 minutes. The curved-in design closely follows your body's contours for maximum skin contact. Click on the attachment and it adapts a tailored programme specifically to your body. 83% of women satisfied with hair reduction on legs.

Precision face attachment with extra filter

The face attachment has been thoughtfully designed to have a small, flat 2 cm2 window so that you can effectively and gently treat hair on your face. Ideal for your upper lip, chin or jawline, the attachment also has an extra filter integrated within. When added to the device, the intelligent attachment automatically adapts the light treatment for your face. 84% of women satisfied with hair reduction on face

SmartSkin sensor with 5 comfort settings

Lumea IPL with SenseIQ technology has five easy-to-choose light settings. The SmartSkin sensor detects your skin tone then indicates the most comfortable light setting for whichever area you're treating.

Cordless use

Lumea IPL 9000 Series is our only cordless IPL, so hard-to-reach body areas can easily be treated without a cord getting in the way. Plus, being cordless means that you can conveniently treat your body hair anywhere in your home.

Personalise your treatment with the Philips Lumea IPL app

The free Lumea IPL app helps you to reach better results So it's even easier to get up to six months of long-lasting smooth skin, all from the comfort of your home. Every step of the way, the intuitive app will give you tips and tricks on your technique. Its personalised treatment programmes and adaptive scheduling help you manage your treatments, so they'll fit perfectly into your routine. In the fastest way possible, you'll be ready at any moment.

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  • Philips Lumea IPL 9000 Series Hair Removal Device - BRI958/00
  • User manual
  • Luxurious pouch
  • Adapter 19.5 V / 4000 mA