Cell Phone Accessories & Tablets products Price in UAE

If you are looking for the best cell phone accessories and tablets, you are in the right place. We have a long and comprehensive list of cell phone accessories that range from the best mobile screen protectors for all phone types and systems to fast chargers for mobile phones. The screen protectors include oil-resistant, invisible, and glass-shielded protectors and also those which have fingerprint resistance. As for the chargers for mobile phones, we have wall chargers with dual charging, wireless pad chargers, and docks that provide up to 10W wireless fast charging along with travel-friendly charging options. These also include long-lasting battery packs with up to 10,000 mAh of powerful and fast charging, led status indicators, and much more.

Our chargers are limited to phone chargers and chargers for tablets by Amazon Fire, Apple, Samsung, and all other brands available. It is imperative to note that these chargers are available with and without docking stations, cable management to avoid messiness, and dual charging options where you could charge your phone and tablet simultaneously. The availability further branches into charging docks with speakers within them for better usage and practicality of the charger.

To complement these exceptional chargers, we also have a rather long list of tablets that you can choose from. These are top-rated and include budget tablets, as well as premium tablets. The list has a set of tablets, including the many variations of the Apple and Amazon tablets. Along with those, as mentioned earlier, other brands are also readily available. Most of these tablets have outstanding qualities and features like high storage up to 16GB, great user experience, new and technically advanced screens, and face ID options with functional cameras.

Other cell phone and tablet accessories include mobile phones and tablets, charging cases, and durable charging cables.