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The brand new YI Technology Dome Camera X is built with AI-based algorithms and state-of-the-art Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) capabilities that allow it to conquer the most challenging of lighting conditions.

Differentiates humans and pets from moving objects, resulting in more relevant alerts for you. Its abnormal sound detection will instantly alert you of noises such as a baby crying or glass shattering. This is the perfect home security solution for pet owners and those who want to keep an eye on their loved ones.

Benefit from complete coverage of your home with the YI Dome Camera X’s 340° degree horizontal and 95° degree vertical rotation, resulting in virtually zero blind spots. When the camera detects movement, it can automatically track and capture a video recording with its Motion Tracking software. Activate Auto-Cruise mode to horizontally survey the area. Using your YI Home App, you have the option to select up to 8 locations for it to “cruise” to and continually survey.

You can create time-lapses with your recorded footage by compressing up to 6 hours into a 5-30 second clip. Want to make a longer time-lapse? This feature can be unlocked through an in-app purchase of the YI Cloud backup.

Ensure privacy when you want it. The YI Dome Camera X has a unique eyelid design that allows the camera lens to roll back and stop recording when turned off or switched to Privacy Mode.

All security cameras from YI Technology are 128 Bit End-to-End encrypted, which is the same level of security as online banking.

You’re in control of the notifications you receive with YI Dome Camera X. Through the YI Home App, you can adjust the sensitivity level and type of alerts to receive a notification directly to your smartphone. These alerts can also be scheduled, meaning you will not be disturbed if this mode is activated.

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